“Do I have to build a beach house?”

A Design Workshop for Rebuilding Along St Joe Bay

December 1 from 10:00am - 12:00pm


No! You don’t have to build a beach house…

There are so many questions following Hurricane Michael. So many homes were severely damaged by the storm and must now rebuild. To add to the already confusing process, many areas, especially along the first two blocks parallel to St Joe Bay, will be expected to meet current building codes. These include more stringent building standards and in many cases a new, higher elevation.

So, do you have to build a beach house? The simple answer is no! We love beach houses…at the beach. But they don’t necessarily meld well with the established style of the residences in Port St Joe. We all realize that our town will never look the same and we care deeply about the integrity of the “new face” of our beloved home. There are numerous ways to build a waterview home, to code, that does not look like a classic beach house and that still fits into the aesthetic of Port St. Joe.

Join Us…

Local resident, Jessica Faircloth, the owner and designer at Lemongrass Interiors, has received so many questions about how to build a new home in Port St Joe without it looking like a beach house on stilts. Join us as Jessica shares her expertise in designing your new home and tips to avoid the ‘beach house’ look. Jessica is ready to answer your questions and hopefully give you a sense of direction regarding your new home. This is the time for you to speak to the expert.

Date: December 1, 2016

Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm

Location: Lemongrass Studio
110 Good Morning Street
Suite 106
Port St. Joe, FL 32456

Need More Information?

Email office@lemongrassinteriors.com or Contact Us online for details.


Jessica Faircloth


Jessica is a local interior designer with deep roots in our area. Jessica grew up in Apalachicola and established her family in Port St. Joe. She used her passion for design to found Lemongrass Interiors in 2006.

During her career she has designed and built dozens of homes in the area, giving her the knowledge and expertise to help guide homeowners in this time of change.

Do You Need To Register?

Registration is not required! Our doors are open to all homeowners, even those who are not our clients. We want to help the community and this is our way of giving back.