The Friday Five :: Coffee Tables

Woohoo!! We've made it to Friday and the weekend, meaning we can prop our feet up and relax a bit. A comfortable sofa is clearly the anchor in your living space, but let's not forget it's all-important sidekick, the coffee table. Whether you're going for a glam statement piece or something softer to gather around, there are so many styles to choose from. This week, we've curated our current favorites and the ones that, in all of our constant furniture scanning and searching, have been the stand-outs.

Gold Glam Gorgeous

Friday Five Gilt Coffee Table

This beauty has it going on! Not only is it a cool shape, but the finish is a hand-applied gold leaf giving it a special dimension. Though at first, you may feel the gold is a little bold (see what I did there?), the openness of it keeps it light and far from overwhelming. And then let's not forget...that price! Sliding in just under $400, it's one of our most affordable choices.

Reclaimed Rectangle

Friday Five Levi Coffee Table

Crafted of reclaimed walnut and supported by sleek slices of blackened steel, this table is a show stopper. At 60" long, it's perfect in front of a three-seater sofa and its heft makes it a durable piece for heavily used family rooms.

Concrete Cube

Friday Five Parish Cube Coffee Table

I just love cubes! They're so versatile and this one caught our attention right away because it's unlike anything we've seen lately. At 24" square, you can bunch two, three or four of these to fill the space as needed and this style comes with the bonus of being outdoor friendly. Though it would be lovely with a navy sofa (what isn't, right??), I would love to see this in an all-white space, adding just a touch of subtle color and texture.

Organic Round

Friday Five Expressionist Coffee Table

It's always interesting for me to research furniture design and see styles that were once considered avant garde are now considered classics. This lovely coffee table uses hand finished mango wood to create an organic Noguchi-inspired base. Topped with clear round glass, it becomes a light and airy statement piece and would be equally at home in a modern setting or updating a more traditional space. 

Cozy & Tufted

Friday Five Jesse Coffee Table

I would be remiss if I didn't include an upholstered option. This ottoman-slash-coffee table has a wonderful scale at 51"x35"x18.5", a bottom shelf which is so useful for books & games and a pretty oatmeal linen fabric top. We have this piece in stock in our showroom at Windmark Beach and are in love. Unlike many upholstered pieces that are a bit too soft, this one has a more firm feel which means you can easily add a decorative tray or set up a board game.


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The Friday Five :: Favorite Flat Woven Rugs

This week, I'm highlighting a few of my favorite flat woven rugs. These beauties are indispensable in the beach house world, handily standing up to sandy foot traffic all the while keeping their casual good looks intact. Typically, I think of stripes or solids, which lend them a decided "beach house" feel, but I'm also sharing a long-time favorite that steps up to the plate when you need a more traditional or slightly formal style. Other than the durability that the tight weave provides, I also LOVE the fact that most of them are reversible. This not only doubles the life of the rug, but also can save your toucas in the event your bestie spills a little red after dinner and you have your mother-in-law coming over for brunch the next day. So let's get to it:

Wool-Blend Stripe

Nags Head Flat Woven

Though this may look like a sisal, it's actually woven from a blend of wool, polyester & nylon not only making it much softer, but also more stain resistant than a true natural material would be. This style is available in sizes up to 8X11' and in another colorway, but I really like this two-tone natural version because it mimics a natural so well.

Wool Stripe

Cape Cod Flat Woven

These flat wovens from Jaipur are my all-time go-to favorites and with good reason. This navy version with a thin, off-white stripe is so versatile. Great on its own, it also works well when layering. The 100% wool is super durable and easy to clean. This particular style is available in several colors and sizes up to 12X15! Best of all, these are in-stock and ship out in less than two days.

Cotton Stripe

Birmingham Cotton Flat Woven

Dash and Albert cotton flat wovens are the epitome of coastal cool. While not as easy to keep clean, they are comfy under foot and give a space an easy, breezy feeling. Dash has tons of stripes, but we think this black & white version is just a little edgy and would be beautiful paired with a natural or reclaimed pine table. That combo is so good!


Elizabeth Green Flat Woven

If you follow me regularly, then you know that navy blue is my first love. What you may not know is that my second love may very well be this acid green/yellow {see logo, wink wink}. While the color is what caught my eye first, the construction of the rug sealed the deal. It's like seeing a handsome guy and then realize he's also a volunteer with Doctors Without Borders. This rug looks and feels just like wool, but is made of 100% PET (read up about that here).  Not only are you giving Mother Earth a little love, but it's outdoor friendly. When it needs a refresh, just vacuum, lightly brush with fresh or soapy water, or spray with a hose. Doesn't get much easier than that.

Classic Poser

Kolos Jaimak Flat Woven

Though this baby may look like a classic oriental, it's actually a ninja reversible flat woven that is not only perfect for your dining room at home, but lovely in your coastal home when you want to step things up a bit. I used a similar version in my friend Jessica's home - which is their full-time residence, just at the beach. It's held up for years and she has two lively little boys that put any rug to the test.


To inquire about products available through Lemongrass Interiors, please comment below and we’ll reply with pricing and availability right away. In most cases, the item can be shipped directly to you and you’ll always enjoy a lovely discount off retail pricing when you order direct.

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The Friday Five :: Wisteria President's Day Sale

Everyone that knows me knows I LOVE A DEAL!! It just makes me happy and almost feels like a little personal competition sometimes. A couple of years back, a friend and I even got into the "extreme couponing" thing, which if you've never done it, is actually so much fun. This week, I had another Friday Five post prepared, but when I saw some of the killer deals on Wisteria, I put on the brakes because I knew I had to share like super fast! They have launched their President's Day Sale with 20% off everything sitewide, but it only lasts through Monday, January 19th. At checkout, be sure and use the code PREZ2018. So let's dive in:


Friday Five Wisteria Natural Scallop Edge

Friday Five Wisteria White Scallop Edge

This Scallop Edge Mirror is just beautiful and is already a great deal at $249. Available in two finishes (I love them both!), it can work in a traditional or coastal room, while the white finish could lean a little more modern. It has such pretty details with a beveled mirror and is a great size at 25"X40". At the moment, Wisteria is noting a bit of a back-order, but this pretty lady is worth the wait!


Friday Five Wisteria Study In Blue Wall Art

The tones and textures of this abstract artwork jumped out at me right away. Then I saw the size - a 32"w X 48"h piece of hand-painted art for under $400 is certainly a steal!

Bar Stool

Friday Five Wisteria Barley Twist Stool

Friday Five Wisteria Barley Twist Finish

I hesitate to use the word "bargain" because of the sometimes negative connotations...but folks, this stool is a BARGAIN!! I would love these at the original price ($549), but at just $163.99, these babies are going in the cart for an upcoming beach house I'm working on. The finish is really well done, with a whitewash over pale wood and the neutral linen seat is accented with nailhead trim.

Coffee TableFriday Five Wisteria Limewash Coffee Table

When your living room needs a refresh, look no further. This coffee table is a stunner! With a gorgeous carved detail on the sides and the lime wash finish that lets a bit of the wood tone shine through, this is an easy piece to work into a more traditional setting and easily complements other stained and painted finishes you may be working with. The glass top keeps it open, airy and easy to maintain. I shop a lot and am wowed at the price - just under $600.

Media Console


Friday Five Wisteria Reclaimed Wood Console

This media console is available in two sizes, but the four drawer is the deal. It's length is nice at 54.5" making it just the right size for a typical (not gigantaur) flat-screen TV. This baby is solid wood with plenty of nice storage, both open and closed. Normally $999, this piece which has so much character, is just under $800!


To inquire about products available through Lemongrass Interiors, please comment below and we’ll reply with pricing and availability right away. In most cases, the item can be shipped directly to you and you’ll always enjoy a lovely discount off retail pricing when you order direct.

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The Friday Five :: Rustic Pendants

In the past several years, there has been a distinct trend toward rustic & reclaimed decor. The warm materials and worn textures bring to mind homes with history and provenance. While clearly there's nothing wrong with shiny and new, there is a certain charm and comfort that comes with furnishings that appear aged and hand-crafted. We're seeing the look carried over from found trestle tables and decorative objects into some of the most beautiful accents. Here, I'm highlighting five of my favorite rustic pendants at the moment.


grayledge chandelier, rustic pendants

From Currey & Co, this pendant has an industrial feel with a weathered gray wood finish and metal stem and canopy in aged iron. At 23" round, this would be perfect over a medium size dining table or even paired up over a large island as oversized pendants - a look that is very in right now. {PS - mini-pendants are a thing of the past...let's update those babies!}


wood lattice lantern, rustic pendants

A very versatile shape, this lantern-style pendant has simple lines with just enough detail to make it interesting but not overdone. The weathered wood finish is a blend of taupes & creams, making it a nice complement to almost any decor. The 16" square size is nice for a small foyer or over a breakfast table, but also works well over an island. For a 6' island, I'd recommend two.

Unique Shape

beesthorpe lantern, rustic pendants

I'm always on the hunt for a unique shape and the Beesthorpe fits the bill. A play on the classic beehive, this fixture is hand finished in a textural bronze and accented with chestnut wood bindings. While it has a distinctly rustic feel, the warm glow of the metal elevates this light in a lovely way. Because of its height, I see this in a foyer or breakfast room and think it's stunning as a single.


bristol chandelier, rustic pendants

A twist on the orb chandelier we're seeing so much of these days, this version is a little weightier. With an elegant weathered pewter finish on the iron, the 6-light fixture is accented with a center band of beautiful warm wood. This pendant can stand it's ground as a single and make quite a statement doing so.


valencia pendant, rustic pendants

Oh World Market, how I do love thee...let me count the ways! In this case, about $130, which takes this week's wallet-friendly prize. I'm digging this pendant for many reasons: the warm tone of the mango wood is a perfect medium grayish-brown and the metal is a nice black matte - just right when you don't want to go too rustic. The size is 12" square, meaning it works well in multiples as island pendants.


To inquire about products available through Lemongrass Interiors, please comment below and we'll reply with pricing and availability right away. In most cases, the item can be shipped directly to you and you'll always enjoy a lovely discount off retail pricing when you order direct.

Some items may include affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we may earn a commission should you click through and make a purchase.


Know when to say when

Building a house is a big deal and you want to get it right. Trust me, I've been in your shoes. Other than client projects, I've been an owner-builder on five personal homes. There's so much to think about and so many details to consider. Will the home be your full-time residence or a rental? Will you keep it for many years or is it ultimately for resale? Those are the some of the "big-picture" considerations. Then there are the questions of style, function and overall use.

Starting out right

It's important to think of how you really live in a space and what makes that use comfortable & practical. Do you have a large family or like to entertain often? In that case, you'll want to concentrate on a larger kitchen and bathrooms. If you're a person who likes to stock up on groceries, then you'll want to consider a well-sized pantry. However, if you prefer to shop as you go, then you can use that square footage in a different way. How will the bedrooms be used? Do you need to integrate built-in bunk beds?

Then there are the detail & design elements. Shower design, lighting preferences, audio/visual requirements, etc. While I realize this can all seem overwhelming, it's also important to learn the art of making the best decision for a given item and move on. I've seen it happen many times that a homeowner will decide on a very functional plan and then, through a sequence of changes, tweaks and re-tweaks, end up with a plan that is much less so.

Lean on the pros

Architects and designers aren't infallible in their process, but they generally do arrive at a particular design through a series of logical steps. There is usually an intrinsic talent for space and scale, as well as years of training and experience. These are valuable commodities which you as a homeowner are exchanging your hard-earned money for. Just in the way you wouldn't ignore advice from a tax attorney, it's prudent to listen to your team of home design professionals.

Very often, when walls are moved or roof pitches altered, these changes set off a chain of events that must be thoughtfully considered. Home design is definitely a discipline where one thing leads to another. This is when it becomes very important, therefore, to have a second or third set of eyes review the plan. Architects, interior designers and contractors all look at a set of blueprints from a different perspective - and each can help ensure that the home not only meets certain architectural guidelines, but is also structurally sound and beautifully livable at the same time.

The value of a plan review

So far, I've discussed changes during the design phase. These are the easiest and least expensive to implement. Where homeowners really get into hot water are when changes are made once construction has begun. Earlier this year, I was brought into a project after the home was framed and siding was on. During my first site visit with them, they had just given the contractor a list of window changes they wanted, which cost them several thousand dollars. And honestly, had I had any input at that point, I would have suggested a few other window changes as well.

On another project that I was brought into several months after construction began, the owners had moved a wall to make additional space in an ensuite bathroom. Admittedly, this did create a lovely nook for a soaking tub, however once sheetrock was installed and we began discussing furnishings, we discovered that while they were concentrating on the bathroom, they didn't realize they had eliminated crucial square footage in the adjacent bathroom rendering it nearly useless for even a queen size bed. Regret is heavy...especially when it's also expensive.

Know the plan, stick to the plan

Then, there's also the very real phenomena of "paralysis by analysis". It's distressing. It keeps owners up at night. It can cause a construction project to come to a grinding halt. But the good news's also totally avoidable! We all know there are a million choices out there and they're flooding our inboxes, web searches & cable channels. It seems that each month, there is a new "trend" that is the "must-have" look. These are all nice to consider, but the most important thing to get to the core of is - Is this you? Dorothy Draper once famously said, "I believe in doing the thing you feel is right. If it looks right, it is right."

As a designer, I always try to identify my client's personality in combination with the design and overall use of the home. Part of my job is to keep the train on the tracks and keep my clients focused on the goals we identified at the beginning of the project. The constant distraction of shiny objects or the next cool thing is hard to resist. It's also sometimes hard to resist the peril of getting hung up on the smallest of elements. Yes, details matter. My career is largely based on focusing on the details. However, it is very possible to spend three weeks considering a door knob simply because you're afraid of making the wrong choice.

Relax & enjoy!

Draper gave us another nugget of wisdom which she said, "I always think out a problem as clearly as possible, and then act on it. My theory has always been to get started." I can't tell you how many times a client has compared two light fixtures to death only to finally decide on one and later barely remember the second. In reality, both were very good choices - the difficulty was in the anxiety of making the decision.

As an ending note, I'd encourage homeowners to rely on their trusted professionals, make the most informed & logical choice at the time and relax & enjoy the process. I truly love home design & construction and want each of my clients to love it as well. Lastly, I'll leave you with a final word from the legendary Draper, "Good liquor is not cheap. Cheap liquor is not good." Not sure that it has anything to do with design, but it's true & made me laugh so...


At Lemongrass, I offer a flat-fee plan review service that can help eliminate potential headaches, missteps and potentially thousands of dollars in change-orders and delays. Contact me today to schedule your review.