The Friday Five :: Favorite Flat Woven Rugs

This week, I'm highlighting a few of my favorite flat woven rugs. These beauties are indispensable in the beach house world, handily standing up to sandy foot traffic all the while keeping their casual good looks intact. Typically, I think of stripes or solids, which lend them a decided "beach house" feel, but I'm also sharing a long-time favorite that steps up to the plate when you need a more traditional or slightly formal style. Other than the durability that the tight weave provides, I also LOVE the fact that most of them are reversible. This not only doubles the life of the rug, but also can save your toucas in the event your bestie spills a little red after dinner and you have your mother-in-law coming over for brunch the next day. So let's get to it:

Wool-Blend Stripe

Nags Head Flat Woven

Though this may look like a sisal, it's actually woven from a blend of wool, polyester & nylon not only making it much softer, but also more stain resistant than a true natural material would be. This style is available in sizes up to 8X11' and in another colorway, but I really like this two-tone natural version because it mimics a natural so well.

Wool Stripe

Cape Cod Flat Woven

These flat wovens from Jaipur are my all-time go-to favorites and with good reason. This navy version with a thin, off-white stripe is so versatile. Great on its own, it also works well when layering. The 100% wool is super durable and easy to clean. This particular style is available in several colors and sizes up to 12X15! Best of all, these are in-stock and ship out in less than two days.

Cotton Stripe

Birmingham Cotton Flat Woven

Dash and Albert cotton flat wovens are the epitome of coastal cool. While not as easy to keep clean, they are comfy under foot and give a space an easy, breezy feeling. Dash has tons of stripes, but we think this black & white version is just a little edgy and would be beautiful paired with a natural or reclaimed pine table. That combo is so good!


Elizabeth Green Flat Woven

If you follow me regularly, then you know that navy blue is my first love. What you may not know is that my second love may very well be this acid green/yellow {see logo, wink wink}. While the color is what caught my eye first, the construction of the rug sealed the deal. It's like seeing a handsome guy and then realize he's also a volunteer with Doctors Without Borders. This rug looks and feels just like wool, but is made of 100% PET (read up about that here).  Not only are you giving Mother Earth a little love, but it's outdoor friendly. When it needs a refresh, just vacuum, lightly brush with fresh or soapy water, or spray with a hose. Doesn't get much easier than that.

Classic Poser

Kolos Jaimak Flat Woven

Though this baby may look like a classic oriental, it's actually a ninja reversible flat woven that is not only perfect for your dining room at home, but lovely in your coastal home when you want to step things up a bit. I used a similar version in my friend Jessica's home - which is their full-time residence, just at the beach. It's held up for years and she has two lively little boys that put any rug to the test.


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