Shop PSJ: Holiday Shopping Guide 2018

It’s that time of year again where you’re looking for something special for someone special. With everything that’s going on around our area it may be hard to get to one of the big box stores - and why would you? You have amazing shops and boutiques right down the road where you can shop local! You would be surprised by the things you can buy here in Port St. Joe that don't break the bank!

To help you, our team has spent some time scouting out local deals that are sure to make your loved ones smile! We have compiled them into a list with the price and where to buy it from.


Keurig K Elite - $169.99

Where To Purchase: Ace Hardware

“The newest Keurig® single serve coffee maker, the Keurig® K-Elite™ brewer blends a premium finish and programmable features to deliver both modern design and the ultimate in beverage customization.”


Freepeople Socks - $20.00

Where To Purchase: The Fuss Boutique

“Plush ankle sock featuring a cable knit design and so soft feel.”


Happy Everything Platter - $110.95

Where To Purchase: Carolines (Temporarily in Anchored South)

“This Bright Dot Happy Everything platter is perfect for any celebration!”


Merle Norman Lip Pencil Plus - $18.00

Where To Purchase: Anchored South

“This dual-function wood-clenched lip pencil is one versatile product, with 2/3 lip color and 1/3 lipliner. Available in beautiful coordinating shades, it provides full coverage and long-wearing color in a semi-matte finish.”


Beach Stockings - $35.99

Where To Purchase: Lemongrass Interiors

“Bring the beach accents into your home for the holidays with these block pressed stockings.”


1” ghd Gold Flat Iron & Styler - $150.00

Where To Purchase: Salon Lux

“Introducing the new ghd gold® professional styler - proven to deliver sleeker, smoother and healthier looking hair.”


Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover - $28.00 (20% Off)

Where To Purchase: No Name Cafe

“An unforgettable memoir about a young girl who, kept out of school, leaves her survivalist family and goes on to earn a PhD from Cambridge University.”


Can Cooker - $64.99-$99.99

Where To Purchase: Blue Water Outriggers

“The CanCooker takes the cattle drive tradition of cooking in a cream can and revolutionizes it with the power of steam to cook a healthy meal on any heat source.”

These are just a small sample of the numerous business in town offering an excellent variety for gifts for everyone on your list. While you’re out and about plan to grab lunch from some of the top-notch restaurants in town: Peppers Mexican Grill, Provisions, Dagwoods, or Krazy Fish. We’d love to see the deals you find! Use the hashtag #ShopPSJ on Instagram.

So you want to build a beach house...

You fell in love with the beach. You stayed an extra few days to soak it all in. You followed your curiosity and called the number on the for sale sign...just for kicks. One thing led to another and before you knew it, you’ve purchased your own piece of sand with views that take your breath away. Now, it's time to take the next step and build the home where you and your family will make so many memories. Summer vacations, fall escapes, a new place to spend Christmas where starfish take the place of snowflakes.


Here’s where all of those hours you’ve spent scrolling through Houzz, watching HGTV and flipping through dog-eared pages of Coastal Living come in handy. But you quickly learn, there’s so much more to building on the coast, especially from six hours away. After deciding on a house plan and hiring your contractor, the real work begins.

Anyone who’s been through the process will tell you that there are hundreds of decisions to make both large and small. With every decision, there are dozens if not hundreds of options. I’m no mathematician, but I can tell you with certainty, that adds up to what can be an overwhelming number of choices! It can be like speaking a foreign language in a foreign country where everything is moving pretty fast.

Just in the way that you’d never think of traveling to a place you’ve never been without a tour guide or an interpreter, it’s important to enlist professionals that can guide you through the process with their expertise. We are very fortunate here to have reputable contractors that are skilled and trustworthy. But their responsibility doesn’t typically extend into the realm of paint colors, tile, flooring, light fixtures, etc.


[when building]


It’s important to enlist professionals that can guide you through the process with their expertise.

-Jessica Faircloth, Lemongrass Interiors

This is where Lemongrass Interiors comes in. I have over 21 years’ experience in and around new construction and I am well-suited to help you speak this new language and not only make it through the process, but actually enjoy it with less stress. I can be both your guide and your interpreter. I am well-versed in construction terms, methods and codes. Moreover I know most of the contractors in the area, and I usually know each of the subcontractors and have developed a repore with them.

In many cases homeowners call me in somewhere after the rough-in stage because they begin to realize pretty quickly that the decisions come hard and fast. In every case they end up saying they wish they had brought me on when pilings were going in. From experience I can say that the best time to bring in a designer is before the walls are framed. The best and least expensive time to make changes is on paper. Your floor plan is set and will probably stay set, but now is the time to review window placement and sizes. This is where a furniture plan (typically provided by a designer) is crucial. Now is the time to decide bathroom & kitchen design because it’s expensive and time consuming to move studs. Do you want recessed inserts in your showers? Is it important to have those centered on the wall or in a specific location? Is your laundry room truly functional for your needs?


enlisting the services of a seasoned designer saves time, reduces stress and makes the whole construction journey more enjoyable. 

-Jessica Faircloth, Lemongrass Interiors

This is all before we enter the land of siding details, handrails, paint colors, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, handles, knobs, trim profiles, tile designs, cabinets, countertops and more. An interior designer worth his or her salt (Me! Me!) can not only help you achieve the look you want, but will direct you toward the choices that make the most sense for your budget and needs. I think one of the worst feelings is to fall in love with a backsplash only to realize it’s three times your budget allowance or have your heart set on a beautiful countertop that stains easily. Does that mean you have to give up on the fabulous backsplash or countertop? Not necessarily. One of my favorite challenges is to find the next best product that meets as many of your requirements as possible. Most of my clients would tell you...I spend your money like I would spend mine. I’ll help you save where you can save. And when it's time to splurge, I’ll advise you there as well.

There are so many areas in our lives where we wouldn’t think of proceeding without a professional’s guidance. Building a new home, especially if you live in another state, is absolutely a situation where enlisting the services of a seasoned designer saves time, reduces stress and makes the whole construction journey more enjoyable. 

If you’d like to learn more about how I can help you navigate through the new construction process, you can schedule a no charge Discovery Call here. Prefer to start with a plan review? Click here to start the process. We make it super easy!


[when building]


The best and least expensive time to 

make changes 


is on paper.

-Jessica Faircloth, Lemongrass Interiors